By foregrounding temporal interventions this project will explore how critical spatial practice and speculative design can trigger critical placemaking on the edge of capital(s).

A post-anthropocentric approach enabling future framing speculation and fictions within a nature-culture continuum is a conceptual framework that I want to explore in this process. 

Estuaries are sites where WATER and EARTH intersect allowing for a multispecies formations.

Several methodologies are here interconnected to ground sensorial and temporal presence of the practitioner within the landscape.


Psycho-geographical walks are informing the narrative, collected objects along the river are piecing together an archive, and images and sounds refine the imaginary of a speculative fiction, which will be assembled in a website and an app to guide a new generation of post-flood survivors. 

The outputs of the project derived from the direct interaction with the river are a set of soundwalks which will unfold the archive of found objects, and a digital archive will be activated modularly across different locations.



A future-gazing society recollecting its past will frame the context of how the audience will interact with this work.