After the flood



If you decided to open this document, it means that you are now a climate refugee and have found this ship. You would look ashore and see only glimpses of red rooftops, and grey skyscrapers.


I would advise you to wear a waterproof jacket and some rubber boots, as there might be still water bursts. You might want to direct yourself East on the navigation panel. There could still be a couple of landmarks that you should recognize as you sail downstream.  


Orientate yourself by leaving the old West India Dock on your left and on your right the Millennium dome and you should see a lighthouse. Most likely the light won’t be working, so I would suggest taking this route in the early morning. You should still be seeing the cranes standing tall behind the lighthouse. This is the most recent housing development on this side of the river bank, however from now on, these concrete houses will be bed and nests for seagulls instead of human beings.


Back then, we had only imagined the future and made speculative predictions. Now, however this piece of instructions will guide you towards the open sea towards continental mainland, and hopefully some higher grounds.