Planetary institute

The coming together of heterogeneous components, and such a coming together is the first and last word of existence. 

The manner of my existence is my very participation in assemblages.


Deleuze and Guattari


The planetary institute has been created to support future inhabitation, navigation and exploration on estuaries by creating an archive of practices which will be performed, installed and activated.




To foreground an other than human presence or the non-human, a concept centred within posthumanist philosophies (Braidotti, Haraway) to reinforce the criticality of extractivism and its impact on climate change especially in connection to water and air. 

The institute will activate estuaries ontologies will be enabled formations of spatial speculative routes in a post-flood society.


Manifesto for a Planetary-centred Design: moving from a geo-mechanical perspective to a Gaian perspective;


Shifting from Human to Earth care, healing and conservation practices;

Engaging with situated ecologies when making and creating with reflection;

Merging individual consciousness towards cosmic consciousness;

Stepping into active spaces of imagination and work with mythical realms to dream our reality;

Listening, creating spaces of solidarity and act in resonance; 

Attuning to all sentient beings to create a legacy on planet Earth;

Approaching our creations and endeavors with humility, gratitude and joy;

Manifesting decolonized knowledge and respectful attitude to build trust with cultures, ecological systems and indigenous practices.